Randers Regnskov

Learning about animals

Learning about animals

Go on an adventure in Randers Regnskov

Randers Regnskov is a sensory bombardment of nature experiences. The air is warm, the humidity is high, and filled with sounds of the diverse wildlife that is found in the rainforest. In the treetop, monkeys jump around and play, while the bats and sloths enjoy a little rest.

On the forest floor, the leafcutter ants works tirelessly carrying pieces of leaves to their nest while the manatees enjoy a relaxing swim, and the komodo dragons dawdle on a sunny spot. Also, meet the amazing jaguars in their enclosure with a private pool.


Kattegatcentret - Named the best aquarium in the Nordic region for several consecutive years, most recently in 2019

Feel the thrill when the sharks surround you, catch the largest crab and cut, play, and learn about fish and health through play in "the Living Kitchen". Whether you prefer to keep your feet dry, or you want to "swim" with the sharks and other exciting sea animals, Kattegatcentret has a sea of adventures.

Training of tropical sharks

Experience the daily in the tropical shark tank, and gain entirely new knowledge of the fascinating sharks. The large rays dance and splashes in the surface, while the shark fins cut through the water. You can stand close enough to feel the splashes of water in your hair, or see everything from the shart tunnel where there is only 6 cm between you and the large sharks!

Dive with shark

In Kattegatcentret, you don't have to settle with just pushing your nose against the glass. You can dive with the sharks and the other fish and experience it most closely. Reserve a dive in the 1.5 million liter large Oceanarium or a BIG SHARK DIVE with the tropical sharks. many of the large aquariums are open, that way you may feel the splashes of water in your hair, hear the sound of fish splashing, and smell the scent of saltwater - and more than 250 remarkable, colourful species of sea animals. See you!


Skandinavisk Dyrepark, Animals acting wild!

In the middle of Djursland, you can find Denmark's most natural animal park, where there are lots of room for both animals and people. The animals always come first, and as a guest, you have an amazing opportunity to get close to the animals from the bridges, which moves through the beautiful Danish nature.

Predator feeding and the sea eagle show

Go on an unforgettable tour through the animal's oasis and experience animals from the entire Nordic region. In large and natural parks, you can meet polar bears, brown bears, wolves as well as many other Nordic animals. Watch as the zookeeper feeds the predators and listen to the guide's exciting and vivid stories from the world of the animals. Get fascinated by the majestic Stellers sea eagles from the stands under the amazing eagle show. 
On the nature trail, where nature and wildlife and insects have free reign, you can get inspired to a more animal- and nature-friendly garden, also, when you've gone back home. 

Even more activities

In the large activity centre, you can experience a 100% real mammoth skeleton and touch lots of skulls as well as fur and antlers. Do not miss the opportunity to feed the cheeky deers and try your hand at the exciting obstacles at the giant and praised playground.


Ree Park Safari - Djurslands safaripark

Visit Ree Park Safari and have an unforgettable day in the exciting world of the animals. Djursland's large safari park offers wild experiences and activities among animals from exotic parts of the world. 

Go on a Landrover Safari, where you drive through the many African animals on the savannah. The animals get extra close when it's feeding time. You can also experience Denmark's only cheetahs hunt their lunch or see have the many monkeys gather around the food.

The America Express Train

Go on a train ride back in time with the America Express Train. When you board the train at the central station, you step into a world where a train journey lasted a lot longer than it does today, and where there were lots of experience opportunities. The journey with the steam train Black Beauty takes you through the North American prairie, where you have to get to go even closer to wolves, bison, moose, and black bears.

Camel riding and petting zoo

The children would love to go on a camel ride on one of the park's large camels, and on the playground, where they can use up their energy, under the supervision of the stripped Sumatra tigers, who lives right next door. You can also get close and even touch all of the animals of the Farm. Here you get to pet and cuddle with the chickens, Swedish mini pigs, goats, and donkeys.


Munkholm Zoo - Animal experiences at eye level

In Munkholm Zoo, you will find a lot of experiences for children of all ages, who love animals. There are many child-friendly animals where you get to enter the enclosure, and even more that you get to feed. You can pet a rabbit, touch a goat, stroke a wild animal over its back, feeling the muscles of the snake move, ride a pony, or have a look at the many other exotic animals in the park. On the daily feeding rounds and animal showings, the zookeepers informs about the animals, their way of life, and about stories from the park - like how the monkeys' escape last summer and about the rare albino Kanguru. You can also try to be a zookeeper for a day. During this day, you follow an actual zookeeper around the park and get close to and feed the animals, and you get a diploma once the day is over.