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Everything is going with a swing.

Djurs Sommerland – Welcome to Scandinavia's biggest summerland

Ready for speed, thrills, and fun for the entire family? Then you can look forward to Denmark's biggest roller coasters, the huge Aqua Park, and more than 60 rides for kids of all ages. Come and have a look for yourself why Djurs Sommerland was votes the best summerland in Scandinavia 4 years running - try the 2 new super cool rides for the entire family.

Enjoy the rush on Denmark's biggest roller coasters

The DrageKongen is guaranteed to take your breath away as you dive down at 85 km/h from 30 metres up. There are more world-class adrenaline rushes that await, as you experience being launched at up to 85 km/h around Denmark's longest roller coaster, Juvelen, and hurtle down from a height of 32 metres at 90 km/h in Piraten. The new ride, Tigeren, is the tallest and fastest ride in the history of Djurs Sommerland. With a top speed of 100 km/h and a swing height of 45 metres, Tigeren will take you skywards on a flight you'll never forget.

Bondegårdsland – for children and playful parents

In the large Bondegårdsland, there is adventure and fun for the entire family. Experience the free-fall from the water towers, or flying along the roller coaster in a flurry of feathers. How about a spin on the rotating cowshed? Or perhaps a jump-around on the crazy frogs? Look forward to 10 amazing rides where everyone can join.

Huge Aqua Park and more than 60 rides

With more than 60 rides, times just fly by. but don't forget to visit the huge Aqua Park, where the sunshine can be enjoyed by the water's edge or at full speed on one of the many water slides. 

Also experience Magic Halloween in the Autumn break with more than 25.000 pumpkins, to Haunted Houses and (un) pleasant experiences for the entire family.

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Step on it at Auning Kart Park!

Jump into one of the cool go-carts, feel the swoosh of up to 65 km/h and get an adrenaline-filled experience in exceptional surroundings. Auning Kart Park is for all kids and adults who enjoy speed and excitement. The track is 620 metres long and offers exciting tunnel driving, challenging turns, and Denmark's only suspension bridge at a go-kart track! If hunger sets in, the Pit Café offers warm snacks, beer soft drinks, and ice cream. Located in the middle of Djursland, Auning Kart Park is worth a visit for the entire family.

Speed and excitement or peace and quiet at Djursland for fuld Damp

Canoe or rail bike trolley, you set the pace. Experience the nostalgia and cosiness at the old railway station in Allingåro, Djursland for fuld Damp. Invite your family on a rail bike trolley along the fjord and bring a packet lunch. Rent a canoe and go for a sail on the creek, Alling Åm, to, for instance, Gl. Estrup or Uggelhuse. At the railway station, you can spend the night in a sleeping wagon, buy nostalgic toys, or see the museum exhibition and the vintage car workshop.

Kyst- og Fjordcentret - Fast-moving rubber dinghy - RIB

If you want speed, wind in your hair and a little wavy spray then you need to book a trip aboard the Sea Eagle, Fjordcentret's fast-moving inflatable boat, a so-called RIB. RIB-sailing is a popular feature in business events, in bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. - either as a real guys' ride with full-throttle or a more quite ride, Lodsstien, along the waterway. This ride has, first and foremost, focus on the great stories about the fjord, the manors along the fjord, and what else comes to mind. There are no steep turns and thus no limitations regarding healt issues. 

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