Tips for more adventures with children

Djursland on your own

Tips for more adventures with kids

Order your own picnic basket prior to your trip

Buy a prepacked picnic basket from MENY in Rønde. The food is prepared with ingredients from local manufacturers in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge. Call 8637 1544 to order a basket.

Djursland is a well-filled pantry and offers exquisite products made by passionate manufacturers. Here you will find taste experiences for families with young children looking for local and authentic adventures, and for couples looking for food of the highest quality. Read more about local taste experiences here. Also look at Molbordet, which concentrates on taste experiences in Nationalpark Mols Bjerge.

Good locations to catch crabs on your own, bathing piers and beaches - See here

Pick strawberries yourself, or buy fruit and vegetables from farm shops – see where here

Overnight accommodation at family attractions 

Go to Skandinavisk Dyrepark and get all the animals and the beautiful scenery all to yourselves until the early hours. Read more about overnight accommodation here.

ZZZZleep with the sharks and get a joint and educational experience for the entire family at Kattegatcentret. Read more about “Sleep with the sharks”.

Bring the family, friends or school class and spend a night in Djursland’s large safari park, Ree Park Safari. Experience the unique atmosphere at night, get behind the scenes and see how the animals live. Read more about overnight accommodation in Ree Park.

Good excursion destinations that impress the children

Become “blown away” on the highest point in Djursland or find interesting relics from the past.

Sletterhage Lighthouse and the pathways to historic points of interest. See the big ships come close to land when you look out over the water from the lighthouse. Enjoy some ice cream from the ice cream van parked there from spring until fall or take a fishing rod and catch your evening meal.  

Kalø Castle Ruin and the parking area. The walk to the ruin is approximately 1.5 km one way. The path goes across an artificial causeway that is stone-paved and bumpy, but you can push a pram there. In the parking area, you will find an ice cream stand and toilets, and more walking and cycle paths to the woods nearby spin out from here. In the woods is a large concentration of antiquities.

Agri Bavnehøj, Mols Hills National Park’s highest point. The centre of Denmark, which serves as the starting point for measuring the country. 

Tre Høje. Find the three hills, feel the whistling in your ears when you stand on the top and continue until you have come across the next hill and then the next hill. In the Mols Hills, there are many paths that run past burial mounds, interesting geological finds and much more. Take one of the hiking route brochures from the holders that stand in several places, including Tre Høje. At the same time, you can experience the national park with a mobile phone app.

Jernhatten, the impressive hill and viewing point. Jernhatten is a place that’s almost obligatory to visit if you are in the eastern part of the national park. There are many interesting biking and hiking routes from there. See more here. 

The burial mounds at Thorsø. North of Grenaa stands 9 remaining burial mounds from the monumental grave mound group known as “Thorsø Høje”. Here – approx. 50 m above the sea – there is a wide view over the surrounding cultural landscape and Kattegat to the east. In clear weather, Thorsø Høje is a good place for an excursion with a picnic basket, and to the northeast, you can catch a glimpse of Anholt on the horizon.

Djursland Tourist Guide

Djursland Tourist Guide is a very good starting point for getting tips for your stay in Djursland when you have come to the area. Here, there’s a large map of Djursland so you can plan where you desire to go and find your way around. Djursland is approximately 50x50 km with sea on three sides, so beaches or experiences are not far away.

Tourist Service

Visit the Tourist Office offices if you are missing a map of the area or want special brochures. The manned tourist Office offices are in three places in Djursland, and at the same time, you can get online help in several places. See where here.