Water and Thrills

Wildly deep water and thrills...

Kattegatcentret - Get bitten by the ocean!

Whether you prefer to have dry feet or get thrown into the deep water in a wet suit, Kattegatcentret is ready with a sea of experiences, that will stick with you forever!

Be surrounded by sharks, watch the seals romp about in their proper element, kayak on the deepest polar ocean, and learn more about how to care for the ocean's nature. 

The rays dance and splash in the surface of the water in Kattegatcentret's tropical shark tank, while shark fins cuts through the water and menacing sets of teeth rip flatfish from the keeper's hand. Stand close enough to feel the splashes of water in your hair - or watch everything from the shark tunnel with only 6 cm between you and the sharks.

The open aquariums are a sensory bombardment of water splashes, smells, and sounds - and in the touch pools, you can "pet" a shark, play hide and seek with the flatfish, and hold hands with starfish and crabs.

Meet more than 250 remarkable and colourful species of marine animals and experience the unique shark training, where you seriously get an insight into the fascinating animals. If you want to get even closer, you can even dive with the sharks!

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See you in Kattegatcentret!


Lübker Square – 3,500 m2 large breathing space with subtropical pools and spa & wellness

Take a dip in the subtropical pool and let the inner child loose. It is warm year-round and lots of water activities for the entire family. Especially for smaller children, the subtropical pool is a manageable oasis, where the water is 30 degrees and always 1.5 degrees warmer than the air. Try the "fun pool", the "free fall" water slide, the large hot water basin with bubbles, the children's pool, and the shared sauna.

Spa & Wellness is based on an ancient cure- and health principle. Here you will encounter a universe of scents, colours, sounds, and the power of touch. You can pamper yourself with a luxurious body- and facial treatments as well as de-stress. Renew your energy through the various indoor- and outdoor hydrotherapy. 

Water, warmth, and touch create the optimal spa experience in the beautiful and exclusive surroundings in Lübker Square, which offers the following facilities: Turkish bath, rain showers, foot bath fountain, hot tub, sauna, cold-water basin, outdoor wilderness tubs, and warmth.

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Giant waterpark in Djurs Sommerland

From the top of the mountain, you get to see everything. The summer breeze whispers in the palm trees and the squeals from both children and adult can be heard from in waves beneath. Gently approach the edge, before you rush down the mountain with the water splashing around you.

You can experience:

The giant waterpark offers hours of fun for children and adults. Ride the 12-metre tall waves in The Wave or float with the current down the steep mountainside in Wild RiverBlack Hole is full speed through the black nothing before a giant splash sends you back into the daylight. Watch out! When Hawaii's barrel overflows and 2000 liters of water are dumped over your heads.

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Swimming facilities and pools

Swimming facilities for everybody

You are invited to activities in nature

At Kyst- og Fjordcentret, you get very close to the fantastic scenery along the north coast of Djursland. Kyst- og Fjordcentret bases are in Voer Færgested (ferry), Blue flag Fjellerup Beach, and Blue Flag Grenaa Beach.
The centre in Voer is the perfect destination for a family excursion. The activities are a mix of immersion, fun, presence, discoveries, and learning. Bring a food basket and enjoy a picnic. 

Blue Flag Fjellerup Beach offers summer tours with a nature guide and an introduction to snorkelling or kayaking. You can find them by the bathing jetty. In Grenaa, you can experience life in the shallow water or in the woods, catch crabs, and make homemade crab soup, and many other activities for children and adults.

The rolling nature guide is on tour the entire summer and can be found in Bønnerup harbour, Sangstrup Cliff, St. Sjørup, Grenaa Marina, and many other places. They catch fish, crabs, find rocks, and fossils and talk about the surrounding nature.  

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You are also very welcome to call on +45 8648 9685 for more information.

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See more activities in nature such as kayaking, snorkelling, winter swimming, diving, and many more. 

Experience the sea from new angles in the experience spots

You can find many activities along the 250 km long coast on Djursland. There are three specific experience spots.

Experience spot by Vibæk Beach is under the Blue Flag. Here playing in the water and learning is a higher entity, when a nature guide from National Park Mols Bjerge takes you on safari in the ocean, by the coast, and on the beach throughout the summer.

Experience spot Fjellerup Beach by Thomasminde welcomes surfers. With enough distance from the people bathing in the ocean, parking spot for loading and unloading, storage, outdoor shower, and drying facilities. 

At Experience spot Bønnerup, year-round kayaking can easily get the kayak into the water from the kayak bridge. with the pavilion, table and benches, and a sunset bench, there is also lots of room for breaks.

Djurslands beaches - see the list of more than 100 beaches on Djursland's 250 km stretch of coast.

Djursland is surrounded by the ocean on three sides, which provides lots of opportunities for a beach holiday or a fishing trip. Few places in Denmark can brag about having more than 100 beaches on the 250 km stretch of coast.

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