Djurs Sommerland Juvelen
Dyreparker, regnskov

Attractions and much more to explore

In Djursland, you can visit internationally recognized attractions such as Djurs Sommerland, Randers Regnskov, Skandinavisk DyreparkRee Park Safari or Kattegatcentret

You can visit everything from amusement parks to animal parks to museums - and much more. Djursland is the place in Denmark where the distance between the attractions is actually the shortest.

Djurs Sommerland - Scandinavia's biggest summerland

Photo: Djurs Sommerland

The top 10 attractions

Aquariums and animal parks

Visit among others Randers Regnskov, Kattegatcentret and Ree Park Safari and get close to the animals and see how well animals have it in animal parks...


In Djursland there is a wide palette of museum experiences for all members of the family - it is both fun and educational. Experience, among other thi...

Other attractions

Find lots of activities inside and outside. See more about fx wellness, golf, bicycles on rails, canoeing, glass blowing and much more...

Indoor and outdoor activities

Come and have a fun and educational day inside or out at one of our activity centers or museums, you decide your pace ...

250 km coastline in Djursland

Photo: Campaya

Experience nature at Djursland

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