Glasmuseet Ebeltoft
Rosenholm Slot

Museums on Djursland

Djursland offers a broad palette of museum experiences for the entire family.

Fregatten Jylland

With 102 metres from bowsprit to stern, 44 cannons and 57 metres to the top of the masthead, Fregatten Jylland (the Frigate Jutland) is an experience with both room and entertainment for the whole family.

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft is a modern, active museum for contemporary glass, beautifully located in Ebeltoft.

Castles and manors

Djursland's history is closely connected to the many castles and manors, that are located in the area. Gammel Estrup - the manor museum lays beautiful placed on north Djursland by Auning, and the manor is one of Denmark's best-preserved Renaissance castles.

Also, visit the nearby Rosenholm castle. The castle is standing fully furnished, just as when the last Baron and Baronesse lived in the castle. You can see lots of furniture, paintings, and tapestries, and get a good impression of a noble family's life over the centuries.

Gammel Estrup

A tour of Gammel Estrup’s magnificent halls and rooms gives a unique insight into 600 years of the grand life of the Danish aristocracy.

Sostrup Slot

Sostrup castle was built by a woman named Sophie Bille. It was her husband, Jacob Seefeldt, who started the construction which began in 1599. However, less than a year after the construction began, he passed away after participating in his daughter's wedding, a wedding that King Christian ...

Rosenholm Slot

In April 1559, Jørgen Rosenkrantz acquired the farm Holm outside Hornslet from the King. In the following years, he built a castle on that spot and named it Rosenholm after his family.

Discover more exciting museums in Djursland

The Green Museum

Experience the hunt, the woods, the agriculture and the food at the Green museum.

Museum Østjylland Grenaa

Museum Østjylland welcomes you to exciting exhibitions and historical activities for children and adults year-round.

Djursland For Fuld Damp

Experience the friendly atmosphere and nostalgia at the old railwaystation in Allingåbro.

Visitor Center Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

The bog – its mysteries, people and machines.

The Old Townhall Ebeltoft

The Old Townhall in Ebeltoft was build in 1789 - on the same place as the first townhall of the city from 1576. From 1840 the Townhall was used as a ...

Memory Lane - Rockmuseum

The Rock museum focuses on music and youth life from the 1950s until today.

Dansk Motor- og Maskinsamling

The smell of lubricating oils fills the rooms. An impressive collection of historic machinery with more than 350 different engines is the El Dorado th...

Djurslands Jernbanemuseum - Railway Museum

The largest Railway Museum in Jutland with artifacts from DSB and private railways.