Art and design

Djursland is a Mecca of art, design and handicraft.

Museum med moderne glaskunst, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft på Djursland

This scenic area attracts painters, ceramic artists, designers, and glass artists, who are for example inspired by the landscape, the light, the ocean, and nature. A trip around the landscape will quickly lead to a long line of interesting workshops, galleries and exhibition places.

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

You will find world-class glass art at the glass museum Glasmuseet Ebeltoft - Denmark’s international museum for contemporary glass art. All year round, there are alternating exhibitions of a high calibre as well as singular works of art from the acknowledge collection, including Tróndur Patursson’s dizzying installation “The cosmic space”. During the summer months, you can see glass production up close in the active workshop and enjoy fragrant roses, herbs and much more in the Glass Garden. You should also visit the museum shop, which has a wide selection of glass design and unique works of art created by skilled, mainly Danish artists. Enjoy the ocean view and spoil each other with a delicious lunch at the café Glascaféen.

An art and landscape expedition

Djursland has an enticing effect on artists. On a trip around the landscape, you will pass galleries, workshops, and exhibitions. Many glass artists live on Djursland.



Go on a cultural journey in the landscape with "Gods and Riddles". Explore the history behind the place, where it happened and get an experience among the mighty runestone, large dolmens, and passage graves. Experience the hidden treasures of the churches or get smarter on the trails of war and cult in the bogs of the Iron Ages. 

On the route "Art without borders", you will experience international principal creations, architectural masterpieces, and beautiful surroundings. Experiences that are amplified by enthralling stories of energetic, dynamic, and forward-looking personalities, that have left lasting imprint both locally and internationally.