Family time

It does not take a long time to go from Djurs Sommerland to one of the many beautiful beaches in Djursland. It’s also not very far from passionate glass artwork at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft nor from the wild polar bears in Skandinavisk Dyrepark. Maybe you want to go to Randers Regnskov and see the iguanas, snakes and other tropical animals. Get close to everything from lions to llamas in Ree Park Safari, and then there are all of the exciting creatures under the surface of the sea at Kattegatcentret. Maybe you want to see the explosive canons on Fregatten Jylland, the world’s longest wooden ship, not to mention the stories hidden in the museums at Gammel Estrup and those that pop up after a walking tour in the Nationalpark Mols Park.

When you are in Djursland, the entire family – small and big alike – can look forward to great experiences and a wildly good time with each other.

A package filled with holiday experiences

Djursland is only a little dot on the map but it has experiences and attractions that you can visit for many weeks of the year. is a booking portal where you can easily and simply tailor your own holiday package for your stay in Djursland. You can choose between more than 50 places to stay overnight and at the same time book tickets for many experiences in Djursland – the wildest part of Denmark.
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