Vibæk Strand Ebeltoft, naturformidling for børn, Djursland

Active holiday

Active experiences in nature, a guided trip or taste experiences are activities that give you personal and special holiday memories. We have made the tours and activities in Djursland easy for you to find. Here you find activities, indoor and outdoor, on land and at sea.

Coastal angling in Djursland – some of the best in Denmark

Along the coast like pearls on a string, you will find lots of great spots for coastal angling. From Mols, the inlet Knebel Vig and the bay Aarhus Bugten to Kobberhage, Jernhatten, Glatved, Fornæs, the cliff Gjerrild Klint and Randers Fjord. Whether you cast your line from one of the harbours, boat out or just like fishing for relaxation, Djursland offers an exciting angling life.

Not just salt water fishing, but also fresh water

Djursland has a large number of excellent Put & Take lakes that are well-organised and have clean waters. And the Kolindsund canals rank among Denmark’s most productive trout streams.

Cycle and hiking routes – in every direction

In Djursland, you will find a number of marked cycle and hiking routes, which are connected in all directions. Among others, there is, such as the path along the old Gjerrild railway as well as the paths Nordsøstien, Molsruten, Lodsstien, and Kalø Stien, which are all described in their own brochures. Kulturringen is a new biking route that cuts through the most beautiful landscapes with special cultural offers along the way.

Via Mols Bjerge-Stien, you can hike along the 20-kilometer-long high-quality path, certified according to the quality standards of the hikers’ association Dansk Vandrelaug. Now there is also a new equestrian trail around Mols Bjerge, including two parking spaces for horse trailers. There are brochures for each path – otherwise, just follow the signposts!

Bring your bike or hire a bike in Djursland. In the “Djursland på cykel” (Djursland by bike) map, you get 15 recommendations for bike routes with tour descriptions.

Visitor center and activities along the coast with Kyst- og Fjordcentret

As guests at Kyst- og Fjordcentret you are invited to get really close to the magnificent nature along the northern coast of Djursland. Fjordcentret, which is situated right in the middle of the nature park Randers Fjord, is the perfect excursion spot for the active family – landlubbers and water lovers alike. The activities combine immersion, fun, intimacy, exploration and, not least, play and learning. No matter the weather, there are activities both indoors and outdoors. Go for a walk in waders with a net and a bucket, build a raft, take a trip in a canoe, get a taste of sea kayaking, make a rope, or start a bonfire with fire steel and cook the most delicious pancakes.

Blue Flag in Fjellerup and Bønnerup is all about “Life on shallow water”.

Borrow equipment and go explore, and bring your catch to the nature guides. You might put your catch in the touch basin, or you might eat it – fried, boiled or raw. You find us at the bathing jetty in Fjellerup and at the marina in Bønnerup. At Grenaa Naturskole, the nature school is open several times during the week with “Life on shallow water”.

In Grenaa you can also take a canoe trip on Grenåen. At the cliff Sangstrup Klint, there is a nature guide present regularly. 

For the entire family at Karpenhøj Naturcenter

On a hill right between the bay of Aarhus and the bay of Ebeltoft, you find Karpenhøj Naturcenter. On the edge of the National Park Mols Bjerge, nestled between forest and beach, Karpenhøj is the perfect starting point for excursions in the national park and a lovely spot to take a break and enjoy your lunch. 

The surrounding grounds are open to the public all year, and you are welcome to enjoy the fantastic view, the garden of the senses, the climbing frame and your packed food. But Karpenhøj also offers a whole variety of activities for children and families. You can go on guided tours at the beach, cook food over a campfire, go kayaking with the whole family, climb trees, take a guided mountain bike tour and sign up for workshops with creative outdoor activities. 

If you prefer to go on a tour without a guide, it is possible to rent equipment.