Kanotur på Randers Fjord med Kyst- og Fjordcentret
Wellness og spa på Lübker Golf Resort, Djursland

Activities at water or at coast

Auning Kart Park

Jump into one of Auning Kart Parks cool go-karts, feel the swoosh of up to 65 km/h and get an adrenalinefilled experience in surroundings that are second to none.

Djursland For Fuld Damp

Experience the friendly atmosphere and nostalgia at the old railwaystation in Allingåbro.

Visitor Center Stenvad Mosebrugscenter

At Stenvad bog cultivation centre, Stenvad Mosebrugscenter you sense the bog’s mystery, and the memories of working in the summer securing warmth inside for the winter can be relived.

Karpenhøj Naturcenter

Experience cultural landscapes with enticing tales, extensive views and fascinating culture and nature at the national park Mols Bjerge.


In the middle of the beautiful hills in the heart of Mols Bjerge, you will find Molslaboratoriet – a part of the Natural History Museum in Aarhus.

Visitor center - Kyst- og Fjordcentret

Fjordcentret is an attraction offering alternative, fun and memorable experiences with lots of hugely enjoyable here-and-now activities.

Lübker Golf Resort


World-class golf course, 3500 sqm Wellness Center with Suptropical Bath, Fitness, Spa & Wellness as well as Café and Lounge.

Subtropical leisure pools Lübker Square

Go for a dive in the Subtropical Leisure pools at Lübker Square and let go of your inner child on 3.500m2 breathing space.

Wellness Lübker Square

Lübker Square is for anyone who wants to be pampered in the 3500m2 wellness center with spa, fitness and subtropical bath.

Lübker Golf Resort

Lübker Golf Resort combines, as the first in Scandinavia, world-class golf with family activities.