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Djursland has an incredibly high concentration of wildly unique natural areas and popular attractions within 50 x 50 km. Djursland is wildly unique.

Speed up the experiences

Go to Djurs Sommerland and try Denmark's largest roller coasters and over 60 fun rides for the entire family. Get close to the animals' exciting world in Randers Rainforest, Ree Park Safari, Scandinavisk Dyrepark, and Kattegatcentret. Djursland also stores exciting museums and unique flavour experiences.
Here on the nose of Jutland – in the front row to Kattegat - you will find some of the wildest things that Denmark has to offer.

Cosy market towns and bewitching nature
Go shopping in the wildly charming Ebeltoft, experience the magnificent nature at National Park Mols Bjerge and finish the day at one of the many child-friendly beaches of the 250 km stretch of coast. Coast, beaches, and nature can be visited year-round and gives you the feeling of freedom and makes your cheeks go red with all of the fresh air.

On Djursland, there is a lot to fall in love with, with the family.

What !! A rainforest, a safari park, a shark centre, and an amusement park - It's gonna be wild!

Top attractions on Djursland

Ready for speed, thrills, and fun for all the family? Then look forward to Denmark’s biggest roller coasters, the huge Aqua Park and more than 60 rides for kids of all ages. Come and see for yourself why Djurs Sommerland was voted the best summerland in Scandinavia four years running – and try Tigeren, this year’s wild new ride, and Denmark’s biggest Gyro Swing. Welcome to Djurs Sommerland  - Scandinavia’s biggest summerland.

Experience the marvellous rainforest. Randers Regnskov is a true sensory bombardment of unique nature experiences. The air is warm and humid year-round and filled with sounds of the diverse wildlife that is found in the rainforest. In the treetop, monkeys jump around and play, while the parrots fly high up under the roof of the impressive domes and sloths enjoy a little nap.

Feel the thrill, when one of Denmark’s only sand tiger shark shows its impressive set of teeth. Fall in love with the cute seals, go kayaking, and go wild at the water playground. Both indoor and outdoor experiences that will make you wild about the ocean. Get “bitten” by the ocean at Kattegatcentret.

In Djursland’s large safari park, Ree Park Safari you get experiences for life in more than one sense, along with lots of wild impressions. On your journey through the park’s four continents, you will experience a world full of fascinating animals. In the beautiful surrounding, the animals have plenty of space for movement and natural behavior. The park puts the welfare of animals as their highest priority, while still offering lots of fun and exciting activities for you and your family. When you visit the park, you are also helping to preserve the world’s endangered species, and bring attention to poaching and nature conservation.  This only makes the experience more important.

In Skandinavisk Dyrepark, the Scandinavian animals are having a wild time. In the middle of Djursland, lies Denmark’s most natural wildlife park, where there is plenty of room for both animals and humans. The animals always come first, and as a gues,t you get an exceptional opportunity to get close to the animals from long footbridges the wind in and out of the beautiful Danish countryside. 

Time for two – with museum visits, nature walks, and flavour experiences. 

There are many opportunities to enjoy the good life on Djursland in an area of undisturbed nature and wildly charming towns. You can go shopping in the many specialty shops in Ebeltoft and Grenaa, both of which are old Danish market towns with pleasant squares, streets, and alleys. Whether you want to explore the Viking Age, the Stone age, the 50s, the 18th century on castles and manor houses, or within the field of hunting, farming, forest, and food, you will find a large selection of museums at Djursland. 

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The taste of Djursland

Djursland is a brimming pantry and offers exquisite products created by passionate people. There are taste experiences for everyone who wishes to try intimate and real experiences, and not least, high-quality food.

See a selection of cafes and manufacturers of local produce, etc. 

Nature’s charm

It’s hard not to be lured by the beautiful coasts. The white sandy beaches with dunes and sandy bottoms, quiet sheltered coves and shallow waters as well as the majestic limestone cliffs at Karly and Sangstrup. In Nature Park Randers Fjord, there is a very special atmosphere where the fjord meets the sea, the creates a natural respite. As the largest peninsula in Denmark, Djursland has a very long coastline, which makes it perfect for both bathers and fossil hunters. You can also find the perfect scenery for a quiet sunset walk. There are also many smaller marinas with lots of charm and cosiness. You can enjoy taste experiences at the harbours in Grenaa, or Ebeltoft, with a view over the bay to the Danish “mountains” or in magical light on the North coast.

You can also visit Denmark's most unique ice age landscape in the National Park Mols Bjerge, which is suitable for walking among wild horses, down dramatic dead-ice holes and over warm sunny grass-covered areas with grazing cattle.

Djursland also sends you straight into the past, with ancient monuments from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age such as Tustrup ancient monuments.

In Ebeltoft, you will find one of the country's best-preserved town centers, at the castles Gammel Estrup, Rosenholm, Sostrup and Møllerup Gods, you can either experience the history at the museum, go for a walk, enjoy treats or shop. You can also travel back more than 700 years in time to the Danish medieval period at Kalø Castle ruin.

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Along 250 km of diverse coast

The coasts are a chapter of their own with wide sandy beaches and impressive cliffs. Take a beach holiday on the white, very child-friendly beaches, fishing holiday with wild opportunities to fish directly from the coast. There are also many good opportunities for kite surfing and other outdoor activities along the beaches.
Djursland's child-friendly sandy beaches

Djursland is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It offers great opportunities for beach holidays or coastal activities. Few places in Denmark boast having over 100 beaches along the 250 km stretch of coast. The beaches of Djursland have low water and white sand and are ideal for children. Several of the beaches have Blue Flag, which guarantees clean bathing water and fine facilities.

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National Park Mols Bjerge – Denmark’s Ice Age Landscape

The views in the Danish “mountains” are breathtaking. You can stand above Kalø Vig and Ebeltoft Vig on huge hills, that was created by being pushed by the ice for approximately 18,000 years ago. There is also a flat meltwater plain, deep gullies and striking craters, called kettle holes. They are the imprints of colossal blocks of ice. During the Ice Age, the blocks of ice snapped off the glaciers and lay in the landscape, melting away over several millennia. You can experience the magic of hiking, cycling, swimwear and just enjoying the tranquility and views of one of the mountains at Mols. Along the Mols Bjerge trail, a 60 km trail that is certified by Dansk Vandrelaug's quality standards, you walk, among other things, past the iconic Trehøje and Agri Bavnehøj 137 meters above sea level.

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Fishing by sea and fjord

The nature along the coasts is varied. This also applies to the underwater landscapes that change between seaweed belts, rocky banks, and sandy reefs; deep water within a short distance of the coast and good current patterns. It offers great fishing opportunities and combined with the fact that Djursland has coastlines to the north, southeast, and west - the possibilities are quite optimal. In the Randers Fjord Nature Park, fresh river water meets brackish and saltwater from the fjord and the sea and here there are good fishing spots and other activities at the Kyst- og Fjordcentret.

Fishing in salt or freshwater 

Djursland by bike

The journey through the countryside and city, by the sea or in the forest becomes something else on two wheels. In Djursland, you will find a number of marked cycle routes, which are interconnected. The bike ride on the abandoned railways is pleasant. The trails are in terrain while the landscape is constantly changing. Try for example the 45 km long Gjerrildbanesti (path) from Gjerrild to Allingåbro.

At Ryomgård, the path adjoins Kaløstien which continues to Kalø Castle ruin. Here are steep climbs that will raise your pulse and some of the most beautiful views of Djursland. At Kalø, you meet the Cultural Ring (Kulturringen), which winds its way through the landscape up to Agri Bavnehøj and around Mols. The route continues to the north past, among other things, Djurs Sommerland and on to the north coast of Djursland.

Along the fjord and the sea on the north coast, you will experience the cultural history of the coast on the Lodsstien and the Nordssøstien, paths which both follow the water from Udbyhøj to Grenaa and on to Ebeltoft. The tour can continue along the abandoned railway path, Gravlevstien from Ebeltoft with a peek of the animals on the savannah in Ree Park Safari.

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Ebeltoft – Number 1 tourist city on Djursland

The old district in the town of Ebeltoft oozes nostalgia. Cafes, restaurants and exciting shops are idyllically located in the medieval streets with topped cobblestones, half-timbered houses, and hollyhocks. The city is known for having a vibrant business life, with tempting offers for everyone. The town is the only west-facing city on the east coast of Jutland and thus offers fantastic sunsets.

Side by side in maritime setting lies the Fregatten Jylland, the world's longest wooden ship, as well as the Glass Museum Ebeltoft, known worldwide for its unique collection of international modern glass art.

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Grenaa – Shopping in specialty shops

Grenaa is Djursland's largest city and has also historically always been an important trading town on Djursland. The city has a large selection of specialty shops with a wide range of different branded products that you will not find anywhere else on Djursland. The charming medieval square has buildings from different eras that testify to the development of the city. Grenaa Church marks the square in all its grandeur and the beautiful old half-timbered merchant’s house tells the story of a market town steeped in traditions.

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Anholt – A paradise in Kattegat

Anholt, an island halfway between Sweden and Denmark, is one of Denmark’s most isolated island communities. Here is the sea, dunes, endless beaches and high to the sky. Anholt is a natural gem with the Desert (Ørkenen), Northern Europe's largest lowlands, which is one of the most distinctive natural areas in Denmark.

Experience the country’s most isolated island

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