Hop ombord på damptoget når Ree Park Safari holder åbent op til jul
Køb Julekugle og julepynt på Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

On Djursland, we are wild about Christmas

Go to Christmas on the Central Station in Ree Park Safari, December "hygge" at Kattegatcentret, and on the manor Gammel Estrup you can find Christmas activities from the 30th of November and right up until after Christmas eve. In the cities, you can meet Santa and the shops are open for Christmas shopping.

You will find a large number of Christmas markets, where you can buy Christmas decorations, snacks, delicacies, and other creations.

Welcome to the "Christmas country" Djursland.

Search for Christmas activities

Search the calendar and find even more Christmas activities around Djursland...

See the overall overview of activities in Grenaa. You can, among other things, meet Santa and get a free ride in the carriage in the central part of the town and enjoy Christmas music.

Find Christmas activities in the towns

The lights of the Christmas tree in front of The Old Townhall is turned on, on Saturday the 23rd of November. Santa is picked up from the harbour and driven to the town square in the old fire engine accompanied by the night watchmen and a jazzband of Santa's little helpers. On the weekends in December, the streets are filled with Christmas spirit along with entertainment and Christmas treats.

Christmas markets