Private rooms at Kyst- og Fjordcentret

Kyst og Fjordcentret

At the Fjordcenter, you can spend the night primitively next to the campfire or a little more comfortably on good mattresses in one of our 6 rooms.

Fjordcentret is activities, exhibition, café, and now also accommodation in connection with the bonfire lodge. Completely new rooms with space for 4 people in each room and equipped with very good mattresses. All rooms are equipped with lockers, a small work table and wireless internet. The shower and toilet are in separate building. Cooking takes place outdoor and there is access to a refrigerator. Accommodation also gives free entrance to Fjordcentret.

Fjordcentret is an attraction offering alternative, fun and memorable experiences with lots of hugely enjoyable here-and-now activities. There is enough to do for a whole day – come rain or shine! It is entirely up to you whether you want to try your hand at a “pentathlon” or “decathlon” with water rocket shooting as one of the most popular disciplines or waders walking, canoeing, fishing or rope-making.
The workshop offers a variety of activities: paper-making, rush-plaiting and wool-based activities. In weeks 27-35 summer holiday activities are organised daily.

The current programme and all the other activities on offer can be seen at,  where you can also register for our newsletter. You are, of course, also welcome to call us on +45 8648 9685.
Don’t miss out on a wonderful day out, and make sure to wear clothes
suitable for lots of activity!

Open 360 days a year by appointment.