Molskroen local products

Molskroen has long traditions with good gastronomy and pampering as the highest priority. This is the way it is today. Not least after a thorough modernization in 2013, where the 18 rooms still appear new and exclusively furnished with stylish design.

The Molskroen's gourmet restaurant is based on proud traditions with head chefs such as Wassim Hallal, Michel Michaud and others, in the kitchen, and now since 2016 with chef Steffen Villadsen at the head of the gastronomic line at Molskroen.

The Molskroen's chef, Steffen Villadsen, takes pride in both paying homages to the well-known classic preparations and good craftsmanship, as well as constantly developing Molskroen's high gastronomic level, and in recent years, he has added a more modern expression to the menu.

Molskroen is known for its gastronomic traditions and good service. These are the virtues that they cherish every single day while refining and developing their way of being a restaurant and hotel - always with the guest in mind.