Dansk Motor-og Maskinsamling

Dansk Motor- og Maskinsamling

Photo: Sebastian Nils
At Dansk Motor- og Maskinsamling you will experience the smell of lubricating oils there fills the rooms. The development of Danish industrial history and the progress in production, shipping and farming have their starting point in Danish engine manufacturing.

Kristiansmindevej 14

8500 Grenaa

An impressive collection of historic machinery with more than 350 different engines is the Eldorado that Dansk Motorsamling exhibits.

Back in time

The oldest engine is from 1868; otherwise, most of the engines on display are from Danish industry’s golden age, 1890-1930. The Danish company Burmeister & Waine was the dominating player on the world market, and the collection has many B&W marine diesel engines.

The collection is of international class, and most of the machines are restored and can be shown in operation. The engine collection near Grenaa holds a vintage motor rally and swap meet in the autumn.

For special events and rates see their website.

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Kristiansmindevej 14

8500 Grenaa

Opening hours

01 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 20


10:00 - 17:00

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