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A canoe trip on the Alling river or Grund Fjord is one of the best ways to experience nature. 

Hovedgaden 4

8961 Allingåbro


Phone:+45 86480444


Contact Djursland for Fuld Damp who rents out the canoes.

Allingåbro - Gl. Estrup round trip (10 km.)
From Allingåbro, sail on Alling Å to Gl. Estrup and return. The trip is approx. 10 km. or about 2 hours + breaks. Resting place at Gl. Estrup and campfire in Allingåbro.

Sjellebro - Allingåbro (17 km.)
From Sjellebro (where the highway 21 intersects Alling river parking at the white school opposite the canoe site), sail to Allingåbro. The trip is approx. 17 km. with the current and takes approx. 4 hours + breaks. There is a rest area at Gl. Estrup, as well as a campfire at Allingåbro. Keep in mind that there is a supplement (DKK 100) for canoeing on this route. There a taxi ride from Allingåbro to Sjellebro can be arranged for approx. 200, - per. wagon. Groups can rent a veteran bus

Allingåbro - Ugglehuse return (17 km.)
From Allingåbro you first sail on Alling river and then via Grund Fjord to the small fishing village in Uggelhuse. The trip is for the more experienced canoeists, as there may be some current and wind. The trip is 17 km. and takes approx. 6 hours + breaks.

Hourly rate: 80 kr.
Daily price: 300 kr.

NOTE: THE CANOE SEASON STARTS May 1st and ends October 20th
We are licensed to rent canoes for the period:
May 9am-16pm
June, July, August 9am-17pm
September 9am-16pm

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Hovedgaden 4

8961 Allingåbro

Opening hours

01 Sep 20 / 30 Sep 20


09:00 - 16:00

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