Familie med cykler i Ebeltoft foran Rådhus

Cycling in Djursland

Photo: VisitDjursland

Go cycling across Djursland. Take one of the bike paths or follow a planned route - Get your tips and ideas here.

Along the coastline and inland; cycling and hiking paths wind out like spiderwebs. Biking along by-ways through stunning landscapes is an effective way to relax and enjoy nature in Djursland. Djursland’s varying coastal, field and forest landscapes with gently rolling hills invite to discovery by bicycle.

Ask at the Tourist Offices about selected cycling routes. The area abounds in castles and other interesting things along the by-ways. The Tourist Offices have several informative brochures about selected bicycle routes, but really it is just a question of getting on the bike, turning the corner and heading out into Djursland’s summer landscape on two wheels – and see what happens.

Get inspiration for cycling in Djursland here.

15 routes on bike
Folder with tours and maps of 15 areas on Djursland: Helgenæs, Mols Hoved, Mols Bjerge, Ahl, Skærsø, Ørnbjerg, Kalø, Kolind, Katholm, Kolindsund, Gjerrild, Bønnerup, Fjellerup, Løvenholm and Udbyhøj. The tours vary in length from 14 to 55 km.
Kulturring – bike route e.g. in Djursland
Bike route of 450 km, of which 170 km are in Djursland. Følle – Rønde – Kalø – Egens – Agri – Vrinners – Knebel – Vistoft – Begtrup – Dragsmur – Fuglsø – Femmøller Strand – Femmøller – Grønfeld – Kejlstrup – Møllerup – Bjødstrup – Rostved – Thorsager – Pindstrup – Auning – Allingåbro – Stenalt – Voer – Udbyhøj – Store Sjørup – Hevring – Lystrup Strand – Nørager – Nimtofte – Ryomgård – Koed – Skarresø – Mesballe – Tjerrild – Skaføgård – Mørke – Rosenholm Slot – Karlby – Skørring – Lime – Mygind - Clausholm

Hiking and cycling routes

  • Nordsøstien
  • Gjerrildbanestien
  • Molsruten
  • Lodsstien
  • Kaløstien
  • Kløverstierne
  • Kulturringen

On mountainbike: four routes in Djursland

A recognized 13 km long MTB route in Sdr. Plantation south of Ebeltoft. The route can be shortened approx. halfway by going through a short cut on the route between the posts 4 and 5 and post 14.
Take on Denmark's longest single track in Grenaa Plantage - probably the flattest MTB route in Denmark.

Map of Djursland

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Bicycle routes in southern Djursland

Photo: Karpenhøj Naturcenter