Lystfiskeri på Djursland, Rugård Strand


Fishing along the coast on Djursland...

Along the coast of Djursland, you will find some of the best options for inshore fishing in Denmark. 

The fishing season starts at the end of March and lasts until November. The best places to fish in Jutland is on the east coast out towards Kattegat. From the south of Grenaa down to Gåsehage, where the water gets deep fast in several places and where belts of seaweed and stones can be found along the coast. This can be seen on a day when the water is clear. Between the belts of sand and seaweed/stones, you will typically find flatfish to catch. North of Grenaa, you can also find areas with this kind of coast, that are also great for fishing. 

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Five fishing areas we can recommend:

  1. Randers Fjord
  2. Anholt
  3. Grenaa area
  4. The northern part of Djursland
  5. Øer an area near Ebeltoft

Tips for fishing in Djursland

The canals of Kolindsund along with Grenåen is an extensive freshwater system which requires a fishing licence. In the canals, you can find perch, pike, bream, and roach. You can also find places to catch sea trout.  

On the north coast of Djursland, you will mostly find shallow waters and using a boat is the best way to catch fish in this area. In the water outside of Bønnerup, there are reports of a lot of flatfish to be caught by boat. 

Randers Fjord by Voer (Kyst- og Fjordcentret) has a great herring fishery. Just as there are also interesting fishing opportunities for freshwater fish, such as perch, in the entire fjord. Fishing by boat is an advantage in several places in the fjord. 

Inside the bays in the southern part of Djursland - Ebeltoft Vig and Aarhusbugten it is especially popular to go fishing for sea trout in the late evenings during the summer. 

Fishing for everyone

The most child-friendly way to fish is to buy some lugworms, and go fishing with a hook for flatfish on Djursland's East Coast. Fish can be found on the sandy bottom near the seaweed belts. 

If you are interested in snorkelling, there are ample opportunities to catch your dinner at 1.5 - 3 meter depth. Not in the least on the East Coast. Keep an eye on the passages between the seaweed belts and the sand, where flatfish enjoys to lie.

There is also a number of Put and Take lakes.

Lystfiskeri, fisketur ved kysten

Go fishing year round

In the spring and early summer, there are many garfish everywhere along the coasts. During the summer, the sea trouts draw closer to the coast during the evening, and the possibility to fish during the evening and night arises.

Sea trout fishing: October/November and April/May
Garfish and herring fishing: May/June.

Look when and where it is best to go fishing

Lystfisker fisker fra båd på fjord i solnedgang
Sejl i kano på Randers Fjord, lej kano ved Kyst- og Fjordcentret
Kyst- og Fjordcentret

Fjordcentret is next to Randers fjord and it is thus the obvious choice for both smaller and larger groups of families that wants to do activities in and by the water.

Lystfiskeri på Djursland, Rugård Strand
Worth knowing

Buy compulsory fishing licence for sea- and canal fishing as well as get information about fishing on Fishing licence are sold on Grenaa Turistinformation and at Lindberg Sport in Ebeltoft. Perhaps, take a look at the Sportfishing association's website about rights and licence prices. It may be a good idea to ask the local fishing stores for advice about the current fishing in the area. They can also advise you on the best gear and bait.

In Denmark, you need to have a fishing licence to fish. You can buy one on